Onboarding for New Employees

There's a bunch of documents that you'll need to return to us as part of the onboarding process.

If you're coming on as labour hire employee, we'll need to get:

(If you're an existing employee who needs to change or vary your tax configuration you can fill out a Withholding Declaration).

We'll arrange also arrange an electronic Employee Contract for you as part of your onboarding. This will arrive as an email for digital signature.

Onboarding for new Subcontractors

If you're coming on as a subcontractor, we'll need to get:

  • Certificate of Currency for your Workers Comp/PI/PL insurance
  • Monthly invoices containing your bank account details


We're not a big fan of entering times more than once - so we're happy to use whatever onsite timesheeting your client uses. If they don't use anything, we recommend using Clockifyopen in new window. It's fast, it's free, it has good "pdf export" reporting, and has great web and mobile apps.

Last Updated: 07/07/2021, 3:30:55 am