The Canberra-based contracting house you've been looking for.

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Local & Relational

Over 20 years running in the Canberra market. Most of our business happens over lunches and coffees.


You are always in the loop. You know all the numbers - what you're charged out at, how much we take out, and you have visibility of your client's contract with us.


We run and manage your contracts and invoices - that shouldn't cost the earth. The most you'll pay to us is $5 (plus payroll tax/statutory insurances if applicable).

No Lock In

You can come and go any time; there's no non-compete clauses or other garbage clauses.

Have it your way

Subcontract as your own company, work through a Labour Hire firm, or come on as an employee. We support whatever works for you.

Generous Referrals

We pay $1 per hour for every person you refer (for as long as you both stay with us). Some of our contractors are making over $1k/year in referrals.