By IT Pros, For IT Pros..

Bytecode is a boutique Canberra recruitment firm for IT people. It’s run by a software developer for other IT pros. We are small, independent, and we love great coffee and great code. We’re upfront about rates (We charge $5/hr), transparent about everything, and love to see people win.

Full Transparency

We share everything with you - including rate to the client. We also share the original of the contracts we take out with the Department. You are completely in the loop on all the numbers.

Panel Memberships

Bytecode presently provides contractors to a number of Australian Government departments. We are on the main DTA Marketplaceopen in new window which services all of the major departments in Canberra.

Come and Go when you please

Our standard contract is free of all those non-compete clauses and other nasties. We started with a standard contract and removed all the stuff that we wouldn’t sign ourselves as a contractor. There are only a few pages left! Here's our sample Employee Contract to give you a sense.

Less overheads, and less drama

We’re just a small recruitment agency so our overheads are just insurances. We charge $5/hr which covers getting a job for you (application and panel requirements), negotiating your pay increases, and dealing with all the invoicing, paperwork and accounting. Check out our Rate Calculator to see all the magic.

Monthly Pay Cycles

We run a monthly pay cycle. Subcontractors get paid when we get paid (rice and beans until then), however, employees get paid straight away on end of month timesheet.

We can do your payroll.. or you can do your own!

We like to keep everything simple.

Like to work as a subcontractor with your own company? Great. Want to work through your fave payroll company? Great. Keen to get us to manage everything for you? Great. Want to swap between those at any time? You can.

You're more than welcome to use your own company, your preferred payroll company (have several we can recommend if you want complex personal finance action), or we offer a basic service (super sacrificing, device sacrificing, WC/PL/PI insurances, but no cars or other FBT stuff - which we do at 1.5%)

Awesome Referrals Programme

You'll love this. We take $1/hr off your $5/hr management fees for every full-timer you introduce for as long as both you and they stay with us. Introduce 5 people, and you pay nothing. Introduce 6 and we'll start paying you!

Talk to us

Have questions? We’re not scary, for details contact us.

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