Git Quickstart

Demystify the crazy magic of Git and develop Git superpowers

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It’s time to ‘git productive!

The Git Quickstart is a one or two day “Hitchiker’s Guide to Git” targeted at software developers and systems professionals. You’ll learn the basics of Git theory, develop a robust mental model for how Git actaully works, and engage in a huge number of interactive training exercises (many away from the computer) to build your practical Git muscles.

This is one of the few live Git courses offered in Australia – and this one is in your own backyard!

One or Two Day, your choice

We offer this course on a one or two day format depending your team experience with Git. For those teams already using Git day to day, a one day version is perfect (but very intense) where we customise the course to the modules that you most need.

For those teams just switching, the two day tends to be a much better pacing. In that configuration we allocate more debriefing time, help work with your team to determine a sensible Git workflow and practice, and really diving deep on the issues students find challenging.

Pricing: Have it your way

Pricing Option:

  • One Day (at your premises): $699/seat incl GST ($635/seat ex GST) [No Catering]
  • Two Day (at your premises): $999/seat incl GST ($908/seat ex GST) [No Catering]
  • One Day (at our training rooms – full catered): $799/seat incl GST ($726/seat ex GST)
  • Two Day (at our training rooms – full catered): $1485/seat incl GST ($1350/seat ex GST)

Prices are for Canberra venues with a preferred max class size of eight. We can also travel to your nationwide premises ($EMAIL – but typically same pricing + travel expenses).

What’s in the box?

Included in the course fee is:

  • One or Two days of the latest Git resources training delivered in Canberra
  • Provision of Skilled Trainers and Git Practitioners to help you work through your specific Git objectives.
  • A comprehensive workbook (with electronic takeaway) and related consumables,
  • Meals included (morning/afternoon tea plus lunch) when run in our premises
  • All conducted on your premises, or in our convenient Belconnen-based Training Partner premises, equipped with a lab of modern workstations and full internet access;

Day 1

Module 1: Your First Commit

  • Git Intro, History
  • It’s all about the DAG – how Git stores commits
  • Installation options
  • Git Configuration (user deets, editor, aliases, .gitconfig)
  • Getting Help (git help, websites, quickref, pdfs)
  • Creating your first repo
  • Writing your first commit

Module 2: Wrangling the Repo

  • The many names of a commit
  • Staging and unstaging files
  • Working with the log command
  • Setting up aliases
  • The many faces of Diff
  • Blaming
  • Adding, Deleting, Renaming files
  • Undoing changes & git reset
  • .gitignore

Module 3: Branching & Tagging

  • What is a branch?
  • How HEAD works
  • Branch management: creating, deleting
  • Merging operations:
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Backing out of a merge
  • Stashing
  • Tagging vs branching
  • The types of tagging – and what to use when

Module 4: SourceTree

  • Committing via Drag and Drop
  • Branching and Merging
  • Tagging
  • Working with the file system shortcuts
  • Advanced logging, history, forestics
  • Handling merge conflicts
  • Review exercise for all of Day 1

Day 2

Module 5: Remotes

  • How remotes work: local vs remote branches
  • Fetching
  • Merging remotes
  • Tracking / upstream branches

Module 6: Server Integration

  • Survey of popular Git servers (Stash, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket)
  • Stash/Jira integration demonstration
  • Working with Pull Requests
  • Merging implications of server products
  • Utilising Commit Hooks
  • The Golden Master
  • Feature Branching / GitHub Flow
  • Gitflow with SourceTree
  • Git’s own model
  • Demonstration of shipping software under each scenario
  • Team discussion on applicability to their workplace

Module 8: Rebasing

  • When you should and shouldn’t rebase
  • Rebasing with feature branches
  • Rebasing with pull
  • Interactive rebasing with SourceTree
  • Review of Resetting operations

Module 9: Major Exam

  • A large team-based exercise where student demonstrate all techniques from the course

Wrapup and Certificate presentation

  • You’ve worked hard! It’s time to celebrate!