Agile Bootcamp

Building an elite team of agile Dev Ninjas? This is where to start.

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Beyond Scrum: Learn agile from the ground up

There’s plenty of “big A” Agile vendor training out there which will lock your thinking into a set of specific practices, without giving you the right mindset to develop an agile culture.

We think that’s the tail wagging the dog.

So we teach you about developing an agile mindset first, then give you a flexible set of practices to apply so you can inspect, adapt and transform your team into an agile machine! We run the entire day as a hands-on agile session - so your team will build real “hands on” competence around agile rituals and practice working on a typical entreprise software project.

You’ll the learn the essentials of Scrum - but you’ll also be able to integrate it with XP, Kanban and Prince2 so you can make sense of what’s going to work in your setting.

Pricing: Have it your way

We are happy to train at your place or ours.

  • One Day (at your premises): $699/seat incl GST ($635/seat ex GST) [No Catering]
  • One Day (at our training rooms – full catered): $799/seat incl GST ($726/seat ex GST)

Prices are for Canberra venues. We can also travel to your nationwide premises ($EMAIL – but typically same pricing + travel expenses).

What’s in the box?

Included in the course fee is:

  • One day intensive of the latest agile resources training delivered in Canberra
  • Provision of Skilled Agile Trainers and Practitioners to help you work through your specific agile objectives
  • A comprehensive workbook (with electronic takeaway) and related consumables (there will be sticky notes and index cards!),
  • Meals included (morning/afternoon tea plus lunch) when run in our premises
  • All conducted on your premises, or in our convenient Belconnen-based Training Partner premises;

Day 1

Module 0: A Day in the Life

  • How this course will play out
  • Why we teach from the back of the room
  • Our first metric
  • Introducing our Agile Petri Project.

Module 1: Developing an Agile Mindset

  • What is agile?
  • Agile history & the Great Manifesto
  • Agile myths
  • Finding an agile groove (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, Prince2!)
  • My fit on an agile team (PMs, Devs, Teamleads, Managers, SysAdmins, ???)

Module 2: User Stories

  • Everything starts here
  • Growing agile documentation
  • Anatomy of a user story
  • The art of gathering stories
  • From story to backlog
  • Dealing with tricky Product Owners
  • Story gathering workshop

Module 3: Planning & Estimation

  • Whys and Hows of agile estimation
  • A guess in a clean shirt - why estimates still matter
  • Sizing user stories: choose a method
  • Planning Poker in depth

Module 4: Planning

  • Working inside a Prince2 world
  • Developing an agile plan
  • Managing Scope
  • Definition of Done
  • The Burndown charts

Module 5: Agile iterations

  • Backlog grooming
  • Spring planning
  • The daily standup
  • The Showcase
  • Retrospective

Module 6: Retrospectives

  • Iterate and Adapt in practice
  • Retrospective approaches
  • Some exercises to try

Module 7: Visual Workspaces

  • Common visual approaches
  • Tooling walkthrough (JIRA)
  • Why tooling might not help you

Module 8: Agile technical practices

  • Unit Testing & TDD
  • Refactoring
  • Continuous deployment

Module 9: Implementation Workshop

  • Picking a methodology: Scrum, XP, Kanban
  • How will it work in my setting?
  • Next steps in landing this training

Module 10: Exam

  • Run your own iteration from start to finish
  • Mentoring input on keeping things smooth

Wrapup and Certificate presentation

  • You’ve worked hard! It’s time to celebrate!