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How much do we ❤️‍ Dev Teams?

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We ❤️‍ Devs, so we’re giving our training away free!

We know how hard it is to get managers to sign off on training. So we’re taking that challenge away from you!

We’re happy to come to your site, and hang out with your team^ for 90 minutes to get you up to speed on emerging tech.

And we’ll do it for free! It’s risk-free, professionally valuable - and very entertaining. You’re team will come away inspired, and ready to level up.

^ Onsite options only available for Canberra-based organisations

Moving to Git? 7 skills every dev must master (60 mins)

Git has been called “A sharp knife, whose handle is also a knife, and whose edges are knives fractally”.

For too many teams, Git is a scary untamable beast that is best left to push/pull operations and lots of backups. In other words, developers use Git timidly.

But once you understand the 7 skills, Git will be putty in your hands. It will serve your development workflow, instead of slowing it down. And it will give you the greatest safety and flexibility that you have ever experienced in managing your assets.

Contact us to arrange your free onsite Git workshop.

Moving to Agile? 7 habits of highly agile teams (60 mins)

Having trouble getting your organisation on board with Agile? Let us at them!

We have an outstanding all-day workshop in running agile projects, and another on in the works on agile technical practices.

But the essentials of what agile is about, and the benefits and challenges it brings, and even how it all works - can all be presented to developers and decision-makers alike in a lunch hour!

Contact us to arrange your free onsite agile workshop.

Angular2 for Busy Developers - 7 things enterprise devs need to know before getting wet (60 mins)

Google’s new Angular2 Web Framework is new and shiny. And is being build as a compelling choice for new Web projects.

But there are a lot of unknowns to navigate: TypeScript or JavaScript? Grunt/Gulp/Webpack? How to architect Angular2 apps? Enterprise integration patterns.

Contact us to arrange your free onsite Angular2 workshop.

Ready to book? Let’s do this!

It’s no risk. And it’s free. To arrange a time for us to come onsite, contact us.